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Police praised for bloodless end to hostage drama

The police were last night still basking in the successful outcome of a hostage stand-off with gunmen that ended without a shot being fired and the criminals arrested late Monday night in the capital city.

Initially, the police reported that two men had attempted a robbery at a lottery shop on Molynes Road shortly after 8:00 pm but were surprised by a police team which was quick on the scene.

After a more than three-hour stand-off the men surrendered to the security forces who had cordoned off the building.

Police sources said yesterday that a third man had been taken into custody in connection with the incident. Details relating to the suspects have not been released but the police say all three are being questioned and are expected to be charged soon.

Yesterday the police force, received commendations for how the matter was handled. Senior Superintendent Maurice Robinson, who was in charge of the operation, used a bullhorn to appeal to the criminals to surrender.

“Well done, JCF,” said a Jamaica Observer online reader who posts under the moniker ‘Realrock’.

“Exemplary policing. Well done, JCF. I am proud of you,” read the post from ‘Pinnacle’.

Another reader, who posts as ‘DRH’, gave the police a score sheet:

“But wait deh… JCF step up them game man!?

1) Respond quickly -10/10

2) Patient Negotiation over Hasty Eradication -10/10

3) Deescalate potentially deadly situation – 10/10

4) Criminals Apprehended — 10/10

5) All hostages released safely -10/10

6) Not a single shot fired — 10/10

Score = 100% Excellent!”

Yesterday morning investigators from the St Andrew Central Police Division and the Caribbean Search Team returned to the lottery shop and during a detailed search found a .38 revolver believed to have been left behind by the would-be robbers.

An undisclosed number of persons who were held hostage by the men were released unharmed.