Police Promise to Prevent Bloody Christmas

Police Promise to Prevent Bloody Christmas
October 29, 2016

File Members of the security forces on a murder scene in the March Pen community of Spanish Town, St Catherine, on October 10. A Christmas massacre has reportedly been promised for Spanish Town by Clansman’s gangsters, but the cops are moving to reassure persons that it has “good coverage on the ground.”

Two men were murdered in a section of Spanish Town called Rivoli yesterday, one of whom is said to be a chief lieutenant of reputed Clansman boss Tesha Miller.

The violence in Spanish Town has resulted in a number businesses their closing early. Several persons have lost their jobs due to a downturn in businesses activities and the old capital remains tense.

Thugs at war
A voice note, which has been making its way across various social media platforms, indicates that the old capital could be in for mayhem as thugs war for control of the divided Clansman gang.

“The man a say him a come wipe out everything inna the town… Spanish Town nah see nuh Christmus,” the message said.

“If yuh can avoid the town, avoid the town at all cost,” the message added.

The Police High Command said it is aware of the voice note and said that it has been in circulation since the arrest of Andre Bryan, otherwise called ‘Blackman’.

Bryan was recently freed of the 2008 murder of Douglas Chambers, the late chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company. Police yesterday said that he was taken into custody earlier this week, processed, and released.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, told THE STAR that the police are paying close attention to the message.

Remain calm

‘We don’t know if it is a hoax and has been designed to spread panic,” Lindsay said.

She told THE STAR that the police, however, are not taking the matter lightly.

“We are urging the public to remain calm and be assured that the police are still maintaining a strong presence in Spanish Town in order to restore law and order,” she said, while adding that the information is being analysed and an assessment is being made on its authenticity.

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