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ALL-MALE VICTIMS: Autopsies done on 5 bodies found in shallow graves 

The police say the post-mortem examinations of the bodies that were found in shallow graves on a plot of land in the vicinity of Washington Gardens and the Sandy Gully in St Andrew on May 12 , have been completed.

The police said that based on early findings, the five bodies are all males.

Investigator on the case said authorities are now awaiting further results as they now seek to establish the identities of the victims.

“We are now awaiting full results of the post-mortem. These details will be used to help police verify the identities of the victims who were found,” a police source said.

Sources said so far, authorities have a list of names that they suspect could be among the victims, but they are unable to confirm any identity until the full results are available.

The police reported that investigators, acting on information, went to the location in an area called ‘Danger Island’, and after hours of search, the bodies were found.