Sizzla Kalonji Says He Care Zero About Sting Ban

Supreme Promotions has issued a ban on Sizzla Kalonji from performing on Sting in the future.

The development came just a week after Sizzla put on a fiery performance against homosexuals at Sting 2013 at Jamworld, Portmore.

According to Isiah Laing, Sizzla Kalonji was warned repeatedly about anti-gay and hate lyrics.

But Sizzla Kalonji says he could care less about the ban.

A rep for the “Thank You Mama” singjay told Urban Islandz that Sizzla is staying true to what he believes in and is expressing his freedom of speech.

“We are all allow that fundamental right called freedom of speech,” his rep told us. “Sting know Sizzla’s principle and knows he like to freely express himself on stage. This is how Sizzla perform everywhere for his core fan base. We care zero about this ban.”

The rep also made mention about rapper 2 Chainz expletives laced performance and questioned why he was not banned also.

“2 Chainz came down here and curse a lot of badwords so why was he not banned from Sting,” the rep questioned. “This is how we like to fight against our own artists.”

Sting promoters have also issued a lifetime banned on D’Angel from even entering the venue.

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