Snoop Lion was left starstruck after one of his idols, Eddie Murphy, asked the rapper to collaborate with him on a track for his new album.

The Beverly Hills Cop star returned to his music roots earlier this year and recorded his first studio album in 20 years, and he enlisted the help of rapper-turned-reggae artist Snoop Lion.

And in an interview with Queen Latifah on her talk show, Snoop revealed that Murphy’s request to work with him left him speechless, because the comedian had been a great influence in his life.
He confessed, “I’m a ’70s baby and I grew up in the ’80s and Eddie Murphy was the greatest entertainer in the world to us. He could do no wrong – his movies, his comedy everything that he did. So when I had a chance to be around with him and work with him, I became starstruck and became ‘groupied’ out – but I couldn’t show him that!”

Snoop continued, “I’m a fan and it happens. I see when people do me like that and I’m like, ‘I don’t understand why you like me so much,’ but I like him like that.”

When it came down to actually working on a track with Murphy, Snoop admits he found it extremely difficult not to act like a superfan in front of him.

Snoop said, “We did a reggae song called Red Light. We shot a (music) video and put the single out. It was something that he wanted me to be on. And when he called me over the house it just blew my mind. I was like, ‘I’m at Eddie Murphy’s house!’

“I wanted to take pictures and do all of the stuff that normal people do, but I was like, ‘I gotta be cool. I’m Snoop Lion. I gotta keep calm’.”