Stony silence in Portmore area where ‘gangsters’ were killed by cops 

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is reporting that the postmortem reports into the June 1 killing of four alleged gangsters

in Portmore St Catherine by a police team has been completed, but is yet to be made available to the independent investigative body.

The men were shot during a police operation in the Cressa Lane area of Portmore, and it appears that the INDECOM investigators will have to rely almost solely on the postmortem reports to determine if there was any foul play on the part of any member of the police team.

This is because the INDECOM investigative team has been getting the silent treatment from members of the community where the men were killed.

The deceased were said to be strangers to the community.

Floyd McNabb, Director of Complaints from the South Eastern Division of INDECOM, told Loop News that INDECOM officials were recently informed about the completion of the postmortem, and were waiting on the results to move forward with the investigation.

“(The) postmortem on the bodies has now been completed, but we are yet to get details of those procedures,” said McNabb in an interview.

Reports from the police were that about 4:05 p.m., a team of officers went to the Cressa Lane area after receiving information that a group of strange men was seen in the area.

“While heading to the (precise) location, men armed with guns opened fire at members of the police team,” an officer from the St Catherine South Police Division told Loop News.

INDECOM officials said reports from police personnel suggested that as the team of officers reached the gate to the premises, a man pulled a firearm and opened fire, and then ran into a yard.

Reports are that the police gave chase, during which the other men ran out of the house under focus, and started firing at the cops.

Members of the police team returned the fire, and five men were shot and injured.

They were taken to the Spanish Town Hospital, where four were pronounced dead.

Three firearms were reportedly recovered from the scene.

INDECOM officials said with information on some aspects of the case coming together, they are still facing problems collecting information from residents in the area about the men.

“Since the incident we have visited the area several times, but residents in the area have still not disclosed any information about the men,” said McNabb.

The decease have been identified as Shaquille ‘Oniel’ Brown, otherwise called ‘Shaka’ and Damion Bailey, otherwise called ‘Troy’, both of Iron River district, St Andrew; Jerome Noble, otherwise called ‘Ricky’, of Waterloo Road, St Andrew and also Westmoreland addresses. The fourth man remains unidentified.