Pioneers of Caribbean entertainment, Irish and Chin, have announced the “3 Di Hard Way Reunion Tour,” featuring the likes of the Rub-a-Dub era’s most prominent trio of artists (deejays) Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry and Charlie Chaplin.

Pegged to start in the spring 2014, this exciting tour will give Reggae Dancehall enthusiasts throughout the U.S. a taste of Rub-a-Dub culture at its best! Adding to the already awesome line-up is Mighty Crown “The Far East Rulers,” who will serve as the tour’s resident sound, providing an ideal musical backdrop for the artists.

The package will feature performances of both old and new dancehall hits, presented in a Rub-a-Dub style.

Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin

Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin

“We are in the middle of a period in Dancehall culture where the music is moving extremely fast, as today’s fads are quickly being replaced by the fads of tomorrow,” says Wales’ manager and “3 Di Hard Way Tour” producer Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin.

He adds, “In order to grab the interest of today’s Dancehall goers, we have to present the golden Rub-a-Dub era in a modern style. This could only be achieved by including elements that today’s generation appreciate.”

The highly anticipated “3 Di Hard Way” tour will mark Josey Wales first U.S. performance in over a decade. And it will be the first U.S. stint for the trio in over 15 years. Rising as a force to be reckoned with at the peak of the Rub-a-Dub era, these deejays continue to dominate as major live performers.

When sharing the stage, this group of deejays boasts an unprecedented chemistry and affinity for unique lyrical delivery, while grounded on cultural and social themes. In fact, it’s performances by Josey Wales “The Colonel,” Charlie Chaplin “The Principal” and Brigadier Jerry “The General” that elevated the standard for live entertainment by deejays.

As soon as there was slight chatter of the tour buzzing, promoters expressed an interest in the package.

Mighty Crown

Mighty Crown

Although this is Mighty Crown’s first Rub-a-Dub tour, the sound is no stranger to the genre. “The Far East Rulers” have produced and been featured on a number of Rub-a-Dub style shows in their homeland of Japan with artists including Ninja Man, Johnny Osbourne, Sizzla and Brigadier Jerry to name a few.

So, the sound is well positioned to provide dynamic riddims and music selections from start to finish. Fresh off the heels of the successful, year long “Driving Force Tour,” Mighty Crown is thrilled over hitting the road again this spring and especially enjoys showcasing their diversity to fans on “3 Di Hard Way.”