GINJAH… We need more singers in the business—

SINGER Ginjah is concerned about the lack of similar artists coming out of Jamaica. He believes vocalists have taken a back seat to deejays and singjays.

“We need more singers in the business. However, people tend to listen hardcore deejaying more as they like the faster music,” Ginjah told Splash.

According to the 35-year-old entertainer, there is still a place for singers in the dancehall arena.

“It can be done, there are still good singers out there, but it takes a lot of creativity to get accepted in the dancehall,” he stressed.

Last year was not a bad one for Jamaican reggae singers, including Ginjah who had a hit with Sweet Killer on the popular Honey Pot beat.

Chronixx had a banner 2013 with Smile Jamaica and Here Comes Trouble. Romain Virgo maintained his form with Cry Tears For You.

But their success paled in comparison to deejays and singjays whose songs again dominated local and ethnic charts in the United States.

Ginjah (Vincent Fraser) learned the ropes at the feet of one of reggae’s respected singers. He was once part of Beres Hammond’s Harmony House camp and credits Hammond for helping him develop as an artist.

Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond

“He (Beres Hammond) moulded me into the artist I am today. All that I am doing now is influenced by his teachings,” said Ginjah. “In addition to managing my voice, Mr Hammond taught me a lot about songwriting, keys and bars.”

Encouraged by the positive response to Sweet Killer, he is determined to carry the momentum into 2014. His latest songs include Stay With Your Love and Rasta No Water Down, produced by Sean Nizzle and Notice Productions, respectively.

He is also working on his second album Urge to Love — a 14-track set of mainly ballads.

Ginjah performs at Rebel Salute in Priory, St Ann, tomorrow night.