You Can Now Get 15-Minute COVID-19 Tests At JFK Airport

If you have to travel right now, you’ll probably fly better knowing you don’t have COVID-19 — and now you can find out right at the airport.

XpresCheck — which also owns XpresSpa, which gives fast manicures and massages at airports — has installed new COVID-19 testing booths at both JFK Airport in Queens and Newark Airport in New Jersey, two of the major NYC transportation hubs.

“XpresCheck is committed to helping protect America’s airports—and the health of everyone who passes through them—from the COVID-19 virus,” a statement on their website reads. “That’s why we’re proud to announce that fast, easy and convenient testing is now available right at the airport.

Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone, while helping to stop the spread of the virus.”

It is recommended that you schedule your test in advance, but they do take walk-ins as well. They go through insurance, so check that you are covered first.

You can also call 1-718-751-4640 (JFK) or 1-973-961-6905 (Newark) if you have any questions.

At JFK, the testing sites are located in Terminal 4, and in Newark, on Level 3 in Terminal B. Both were first piloted for airport workers over the summer. Now it is completely open to the public.

According to their website, there are three different tests being offered:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test (With the PCR test, a sterile swab is inserted into your nose to take a sample. This test, also called a nasal swab test, checks to see if the virus is in your body.)

Rapid Nasal Swab Test (Like the PCR test, a sterile swab is inserted into your nose, and the sample is checked for active COVID-19 virus. Results are available in 15 minutes or less.)

Blood Antibody Test (Using a blood draw or a small prick of your finger, this test looks for markers in the blood that suggest you may have had the virus. Called “antibodies,” these markers can tell if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 even if you don’t have symptoms.)
Testing services are provided by GABISA Medical, PLLC.