Armed robber on the loose at Caymanas/Mandela Highway intersection

A woman is now nursing injuries to her face, head and chest after a gunman battered and robbed her at the Caymanas/Mandela Highway intersection in St Catherine on Christmas Day.

The woman posted the details of her ordeal on the social network website Facebook.


“I was robbed of my phone n handbag n beaten in my head, face n chest with a gun today as I waited on family to pick me up to go Clarendon for family get together… Even though I willingly gave him my phone, thank God I’m alive. My head bursts, around my eye swollen and bloodshot, and my chest cut and paining but I’m OK,” the woman posted.

The Central Village police confirmed the incident.

“We know about the incident. A number of females have reported that they have been robbed and beaten by this man. We are trying our best to collar him. It’s only a matter of time,” a policeman told the Jamaica Observer.

The woman also posted that the police informed her that the man has been wreaking havoc in the area since January.

“A police car came about a minute after and I stopped it and told them what happened but they just took me to the station to make a report. But the police say he has been doing that since January. His last strike was last week. [In] two separate incidents he robbed females and they (police) know of him and say he robs a lot of people and all now they can’t catch him or set up a sting operation,” the woman posted.

The woman said vendors who sell at the intersection witnessed the incident but did nothing to help her, but told her that the man had robbed more than 15 people at the same location.

“They say he never rob a man. So why haven’t they set up a bait yet? Or they waiting till he kills someone and make the news? It happened at the Caymanas stoplight where you turn to go Portmore where they sell callaloo etc,” the woman posted.


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