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Big tussle between cop and taxi operator in May Pen

The police have arrested a taxi operator who was seen in a video on social media in a dramatic confrontation with a police constable in May Pen’s town centre in Clarendon on Thursday

In a radio interview, police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, said reports are that the lawman was on duty in the town when the taxi operator reportedly committed road traffic breaches, and he was approached by the cop.

Reports are that the taxi operator because boisterous and soon got into a heated physical confrontation with the cop, which is all on show in the video.

The video has the taxi operator manhandling the cop, to the point where on at least two occasions, the lawman was flung or dragged to the ground as he and the cabbie wrestled, with the cop seeking to use his baton to contain his opponent.

When things got really out of hand, the cop reached for his firearm, and with the gun then in play, the taxi operator changed gear somewhat, and was brought to a state of calm, despite repeatedly refusing instructions from the cop thereafter, to comply and go with him to the police station.

With the cop standing his ground after quickly holstering his gun, it remained a picture of defiance minus the earlier drama, with crowd intervention becoming a factor, but soon other police personnel came to their colleague’s assistance, and the taxi operator was marched off to the station

In the radio interview, Lindsay said the constable should be credited for having displayed a high level of restraint under the circumstances.