A top female calypsonian here has died, multiple sources are reporting.

Leandra Cuffy reportedly died at 8 AM Tuesday while she was being taken to hospital after reporting that she felt unwell.It was not immediately clear what was the cause of death, though family sources say she had no known illness. Cuffy complained of feeling unwell and having a severe headache and chest pains, and had shown signs of difficulty breathing.She was being rushed to a health facility, close to her village of Grand Fond, but then took a turn for the worse while on the way, one report said, Cuffy’s most well-known songs include ‘Never See Come See’, ‘Pray For Me’ and ‘Say No To Drugs.’

The performer, who also worked at the Drug Prevention Unit of the Ministry of Health is survived by her parents, two children and several siblings.

“Leandra’s death is a definite shock, it is definitely shocking,” member of the executive of the Dominica Calypso Association and the Showdown Mas Camp, Daryl Bobb said in reaction.

“It’s a massive shock because of the fact that we didn’t know of Leandra being ill, we know her to be a pretty healthy, young person who contributes a lot to the society,” Bobb said.

“She has always been a very, very healthy looking and healthy performing person. And to get this news this morning, it’s really a shocker,” Bobb continued.

Cuffy’s death comes two months after another local calypsonian Michael LaFleur, known as Boople, died in July after a short period of illness.

“It’s not like in the situation of Boople, where Boople was sick over a period of time; Leandra was not sick. So I don’t know how any of us are going to deal with that yet, but you know life is always full of these kinds of surprises, both good and bad,” Bobb said.

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