Ryan Mark and his wife wife Chrissy D—

COME Sunday, September 7, gospel artist Ryan Mark will be conducting his first church service as a reverend of the Pure In Heart Ministries International at the Theatre Place in New Kingston. Service begins at 9:00 am.

Ryan Mark — whose given name is Ryan Reynolds — was ordained as a reverend at the Potter’s House International Ministries in New York, while on a promotional tour.

Ryan Mark, along with his wife Chrissy D (Chrissy Doucette) — who is also an entertainer, formed the non-denominational Pure In Heart Ministries International.

According to Ryan Mark, the move was not planned.

“At the beginning of 2014, I decided to embark on a promotional church tour with my family in the United States. My intention was to visit a few churches, expose them to my music, and introduce them to my albums,” Ryan Mark told the Jamaica Observer.

“The ordination was somewhat of a surprise. Though I have heard about the great calling on my life from my earlier days, being ordained at this time was unexpected. Bishop Steve Dunkley followed the instruction given to him by God which has now led me into this new journey,” he continued.

Goddy Goddy

Howard “Goddy Goddy” Reynolds

For him, this unexpected twist of fate has since given him numerous opportunities to twin his two passions: sharing God’s word through music and preaching and teaching.

“I believe the time is right and the country needs more young men to step forward to help uplift this nation in a positive way,” said the 29-year-old past student of Calabar High School.

Ryan Mark’s older brother, gospel act Goddy Goddy (Howard Reynolds) is also pastor of a church in Old Harbour, St Catherine.

“I admire my brother and what he is doing in his ministry. Though our paths are somewhat similar, I believe this is my time to step into the office of the pastoral,” he said.

Ryan Mark said music will be an integral part of his ministry.

“I have not neglected music and I don’t believe I ever will. Actually, last Sunday, August 24, I released my new single titled Mi Papa on YouTube and social media,” he said.

“I have a passion for preaching and teaching God’s Word, and I see how God may twin the two (music and preaching) in my ministry. Right now, I am more focused on what it is God wants me to do and be obedient to His leading.”

Ryan Mark’s last album was Israel released in 2011.

— By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston


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