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Hellshire Glades residents angered by open-air ‘sex shop’ 

Concerned residents of the Hellshire Glades community are irate that unscrupulous individuals have turned an unfenced area of their community into an open-air brothel to perform illicit sexual activities.

One angry resident suggested that the youngsters were rutting like animals in the wild, so frenzied were their activities at night.

“A lot of young men between the age of 15 to 30 hang out there. They don’t even live in the community and they use the area, which is very dark, to have sex and engage in other activities. Sometimes you find condoms there in the morning and you can even hear them sometimes,” one resident said

The concerns were raised during a town hall meeting held at the Hellshire Seventh Day Adventist church that was attended by several stakeholders including Member of Parliament for South St Catherine Fitz Jackson, Portmore Mayor Leon Thomas; Lorna Clarke, director of Corporate Communications at the Urban Development Corporation; and members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

“The area is very dark, I believe some metal fencing would help solve the problem because they cannot continue to use this alley as a sex shop,” the resident said.

“When my mother died, I went to speak to them, one of them threw a piece of steel at me, lucky that I was able to see it and dodge it. And a young woman promised to throw acid in my face…I don’t know what to do….I can’t sell my house , I can’t buy another one,” the distraught resident said.

The area in question is well known to the cops and it has even attracted a dubious sounding name, ‘Uppa Stealth’.

Senior superintendent Clive Blair, one of the officers who was in attendance, admitted that the cops are aware of the problem, and recognized that is “an ongoing problem”. He also promised to address the concern of the residents soon.