Jamaica Broilers refutes KFC’s claim of chicken shortage 

The country’s leading supplier of chicken, Jamaica Broilers, on Friday brushed aside claims from a major fast-food chain that there is a shortage of chicken products on the local market.

KFC Jamaica had informed earlier Friday via a tweet that there was a shortage in chicken products as a result of its sole supplier Jamaica Broilers being hit by “significant supply challenges”.

“This may result in availability challenges for some of your favourite meal items at select restaurants across the island,” KFC added.

It warned that “we will be experiencing unforeseen shortages on chicken products.”

The tweet prompted many persons to express their concerns on social media about how difficult it would be for them to have to make do without their favourite KFC meal.

Moving to allay the fears of the public, Jamaica Broilers, in its own statement on social media, said “The Best Dressed Chicken would like to assure the public that there is no chicken shortage, contrary to a social media post by KFC”.

But, Jamaica Broilers did admit to having some challenges.

“We are currently upgrading our systems to offer even better service to all our customers. Regrettably, the transition to the new system has resulted in some customers receiving reduced quantities of our products,” the company said.

“Rest assured that there is no shortage of products or of poultry in general,” Jamaica Broilers insisted.