Jamaica launches free mobile app for tourists 

Locals and visitors to the island now have access to a mobile application (app) that provides information on various licensed and coronavirus-compliant tourist entities in the six resort areas.

The app, called ‘Xplore Jamaica’, was launched by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) on Wednesday, during a virtual ceremony.

It includes features such as a travel guide with a cost estimator and a complete travel blog to capture user reactions and comments, the ability to view restaurants and shops near the visitor’s place of stay, and the availability of the information in nine languages.

The app can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store and will soon be available for IOS users.
Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, in a video message, noted that with the pandemic, access to information has become even more important.

“I applaud TPDCo for its efforts to tap into this technological era and revolution, where Gen-Z, in particular, is keen on working smart and not hard, and expect to find all they need at the click of a button and with all the necessary features available,” he said.

He noted that the app would also provide a technological solution to limit interactions at all ports of entry and aid TPDCo’s information officers in providing quick and accurate information to visitors.

“The annual cost for the maintenance of this app is approximately $500,000 plus the costs associated with the use of our highly skilled internal professionals who guarantee a high-quality outcome,” said Minister Bartlett.

Meanwhile, executive director, TPDCo, Wade Mars, pointed out that the tourism industry has been seeing a steady inclusion of technology in a space that once heavily depended on physical interaction.

“This mobile app will not take away the value of quality of our services, instead it will allow us to be more responsive and will give our guests the opportunity to connect with the destination even more,” he pointed out.

The TPDCo is the central agency mandated by the Government of Jamaica to facilitate the maintenance, development, and enhancement of the tourism product.

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