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Jamaican in jail for beating ‘bunna man’ in Barbados 

A Jamaican man has been remanded in custody until September 6 in Barbados after having admitted to injuring a Barbadian man who he discovered was sexually involved with his wife.

The local media reported that Alex Emanuel Golding, who described himself as an athlete, and who resided in St Michael, Barbados, admitted in court on Thursday to having caused serious bodily harm to Barbadian Kevin Thompson on August 28.

Police reports are that both men rented apartments at a complex where a dispute developed on Monday after Golding, who said he is in Barbados for athletic training, discovered that Thompson and his wife were sexually involved.

The discovery reportedly led to Golding going into a fit of rage, during which he took up a shovel and used it to hit Thompson on the ear and head generally.

Following that assault, Golding walked into a police station with the shovel and handed it over to the cops.

“I went to he (Thompson) and say (to him), ‘let’s talk man to man’,” Golding is reported to have said in court.

“I asked he and he say, ‘No’… but he then said, ‘Yes’,” the Jamaican told the hearing.

Then it got into numbers, which seemingly sparked the concerns that would lead to the wielding of the shovel.

“I asked he how many times and he say, ‘Four times’,” Golding said further.

“I asked: ‘You used a condom?’ Him say ‘Yes’,” Golding indicated.

Then the wife was brought into the picture, and the interaction got physical.

“I call my wife and confront her and we in an argument and this fella (Thompson) come and grab me up by the throat,” said Golding.

“I turn ‘round and pick up a shovel and hit he. He come up to me again and I hit him again, and I walk to the station,” he said in court in the presence of Thompson.

The response from the complainant was a declaration of, “Total lies, sir!”

At that point, Thompson was given a chance to give his side of the story.

He said he came home from work and was brushing his teeth, when Golding approached him.

“She didn’t have no money to pay the rent and we became friends and became intimate…,” he said of his reported involvement with Mrs Golding.

“He (Mr Golding) turned and hit me with a shovel. I never touch the man. I went to the doctor and I get 13 stitches,” Thompson said.

Following the outline from Thompson, the presiding magistrate pointedly told him that he had crossed a line and was wrong to have done so.

Then came the issue of compensation from Golding. Thompson indicated that he wanted $5,000 (US$2,500), to which Golding replied that he could not meet the requested amount in one payment, as he was not working, and was an athlete training in Barbados.

He said his apartment was burglarised on the night of the incident, and that “all my money and stuff were stolen”.

He suggested paying $200 every two weeks until the amount was settled, but Thompson refused the offer, telling the magistrate that Golding could leave the country before completing the overall payment.

Thompson then said he would accept $3,000 (US$1,500), but there was no one to pay the amount on Golding’s behalf.