Entertainer Konshens was scheduled to perform in Zimbabwe, but due to the ongoing outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, unfortunately had no choice but to cancel the show.

In a release to media, Konshens said, “To all my fans in Zimbabwe, I want to apologise as I won’t be at the event I was slated to perform at there. This is as a result of the seriousness of this Ebola outbreak … .

We are well aware that Zimbabwe has not been affected by the virus, but my team, my musicians, my country and now even myself, are all fearful of contracting this disease through transit or even contributing to the spread of it.”

Travelling internationally

“At this time, it is not safe to be travelling internationally nor is it a safe time for you to be entertaining outsiders into your country. We all love music and entertainment and this is my life, but at this time, there are way more serious things at stake than a show.

All true fans of Konshens and dancehall/reggae music overall should agree that this is indeed a good move for the well-being of ourselves on this side of the world and also the people of Zimbabwe. We should all focus our efforts on bringing this terrible situation under control.”

He added, “I’ve done my research on your beautiful country and I would not want my first trip there to be marred by fear. I would want to be focused on providing high-quality entertainment and also enjoying the beauty of Zimbabwe. Again I am sorry … .

To all my fans and supporters. I hope the opportunity presents itself again for me to come to your lovely land. To the promoters of the event, myself and my team extend our deepest and most sincere apologies. We respect your efforts to make it work and we are sure if not for this serious situation, this show would have been a huge success. Nuff love Zimbabwe.”