Lady Saw–

WHEN Lady Saw launches her new album Alter Ego in November, it will be much different from previous releases.

She also plans to introduce her foundation of the same name to assist abused and needy women.

“I grew up getting help from many people as a teenager. There was always someone helping me out,” Saw told the Jamaica Observer.

According to the deejay (born Marion Hall), reaching out to the distressed is nothing new for her. She says she has always taken on social causes, but “just not publicly”.

She told the Observer that the idea to start a foundation first came to her while attending a women’s conference in Montego Bay.

“I was so surprised, by the time conference was over, a lot of women came up to me, encouraging me and offering their support,” she said.

Alter Ego, the album, contains two gender-driven songs: Pretty Fingers and Me and Mi Ex.

Saw says the set is her most diverse to date.

“I have a soca song I’m singing, there’s gospel…music fans will love it,” she gushed.

Sales from Alter Ego will be used to fund the foundation.

–By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston