Man shot and killed by thugs in East Kingston identified 

The man who was shot and killed by thugs, who were locked in a more than 45 minutes gun battle in sections of East Kingston on Friday, has been identified.

He is Damion ‘Dog Shane’ Downey, a 27-year-old resident of a St Thomas address.

Police report that at about 1:30 a.m., residents in the Pleasant Heights area of East Kingston reported hearing heavy gunfire and raised an alarm.

Law enforcers responded to the distress call and during a search of the area the body of the man was found.

The police said since the killing they have increased their presence in the area as the latest upsurge in violence has triggered high levels of fear among residents.

“There is now a strong police and military presence in and around Mountain View and surrounding areas to bring this recent upsurge of violence under control,” said Victor Hamilton, the Superintendent in charge of the East Kingston Police Division

The police said they are not yet clear about what has triggered the latest upsurge in violence but have sought to assure the residents that they will be putting in place measures to clamp down on criminals in the area.