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Returning residents want 50% cut in port storage fees

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Returning Residents Association of Jamaica has publicly called on the government to cut storage fees at the ports by 50 per cent for Jamaicans returning home.

In a short statement on the subject and released to the media this afternoon, the association argued that many Jamaicans who would have shipped their belongings as they returned home have not been able to retrieve them in a timely manner as a result of measures associated with COVID-19.

“All returning residents who had shipped their belongings and may have paid their fare to return to Jamaica, but could not do so because of the closure of the borders of Jamaica country due to COVID, should be given consideration for a waiver of the high fees being charged for storage.

“The request is that at least 50 per cent of the charges be considered for these returnees,” the association said.

In the statement, the association did not make any distinction between people who had travelled as tourists and those who, after years of living abroad, were returning to re-establish residency on the island.

It, however, made reference to previous intervention on its part for a reduction in waivers.

“The Returning Residents Association, in further pursuing the matter of waivers of exorbitant fees being charged to returning residents, is requesting that this waiver be not only applicable to those who have already been named, but to all returnees having similar circumstances,” the statement said.

The association is headed by Percival LaTouche.