Tesha Miller charged

REPUTED leader of the Klansman Gang Tesha Miller is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on November 9.

Miller, who was arrested along with his girlfriend and another man at a plaza in Barbican, St Andrew, on Monday, was yesterday charged by detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) with accessory before and after the fact for a murder that was committed in 2008.

The Observer was unable to ascertain whether his girlfriend and the other man have also been charged or released.

On Wednesday, one of Miller’s attorneys, Able-Don Foote, filed a successful habeas corpus application for his release in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

An order for his release was subsequently made by Parish Judge Vaughn Smith.

In April 2017, Miller was deported from The Bahamas, a month after Bahamian immigration officials accosted him.

A Bahamian source told the Observer then that while Miller was in custody he gave the police wrong names, but they recognised his Jamaican accent and contacted the Jamaican police. He was later deported.

Later that month, Miller was sentenced in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after pleading guilty to one count of making a false declaration. The court heard that he made a false declaration to immigration officials at the Norman Manley International Airport on April 4, by signing his name as “Marlon W” on a document on which he acknowledged that his name was Tesha Miller.

However, the prosecutor was forced to offer no evidence on that count as the statement from the immigration official in The Bahamas was outstanding and the court was informed that the police would need to get it via the Mutual Assistance Act.

He pleaded not guilty to the second count, in which it is alleged that he told an immigration official in The Bahamas that his name was not Tesha Miller and that he was Marlon Williams, while applying for an emergency passport on March 15.

In June 2014, Miller was sentenced to two-and-a-half years for entering the United States illegally.

It was reported that he fled the island in 2013 and was apprehended by US authorities after he arrived there en route from The Bahamas.

Miller, in April 2011, was sentenced in Jamaica to 15 years for robbery with aggravation and seven years for illegal possession of firearm. However, he was freed by the Court of Appeal in March 2013.