US teacher tips off J’can drug dealers to get back at cheating husband

KINGSTON, Jamaica — An American woman is to be sentenced today for informing a crew of seven Jamaican-born men, suspected to be drug-dealers, about an investigation being conducted by her former husband, who is a police detective, and his team.

According to a report from the SunSentinel, the defense for Porsha Session, 31, said she acted naively to retaliate against her then-husband because he was cheating on her.

Federal authorities said that her actions compromised the undercover investigation and an insider informant who was secretly working with them was “outed” and the man died of a gunshot wound a short time later under suspicious circumstances but was officially ruled a suicide, US media reported.

SunSentinel also stated that Session’s defense attorney Fred Haddad said that there was no evidence to suggest she was aware of the potential consequences and recommended that she be sentenced to house arrest, partly because she has no prior criminal history.

The maximum punishment is 20 years in federal prison and a fine of US$250,000.

However, prosecutors said that because Session was married to a police, she should have known the potential dangers and that she was putting others at risk, adding that she deserves a much harsher punishment than the 15 to 21 months in prison recommended by sentencing guidelines.

Session admitted that she snooped in her now ex-husband’s work email and discovered memos that contained sensitive information about the investigation, the suspects and an informant who was working for agents inside the group.

She pleaded guilty to federal obstruction of an official proceeding – a grand jury investigation – and admitted she made six phone calls to one of the suspected drug dealers and warned him that an insider was helping law enforcement, SunSentinel outlined.

The undercover investigation, which started in October 2012, was focused on a “crew” of seven Jamaican-born men suspected of operating a significant drug-dealing business in the Lauderhill and Fort Lauderdale areas, prosecutors Jeffrey Kaplan and Paul Schwartz said.

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