Bolt reports for first day at work 

His flashy gold Nissan appeared at the gate a few minutes to midday.

And shortly afterwards there was a huge uproar from the huge crowd as Digicel’s new Chief Speed Officer (CSO), Usain Bolt, had arrived for his new job at Digicel.

Dapperly dressed in his black suit and red tie, the now retired Olympic Games three-time triple gold medallist was greeted by Digicel’s CEO David Butler, accompanied by the music of Alkaline’s Champion Boy in the background.

With the sweltering heat soaring at approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit, Bolt looked as cool as ever, as he buttoned up his jacket and sported his dark glasses. You could hear flashes from the hundreds of cellular phone cameras amidst the much louder shutter sound of the high and powerful cameras from journalists.

Bolt returned to his car and skilfully reversed into his allocated parking spot before making his way through the thick crowd to his work area — the Usain Bolt Speed Lab — where he was met by John Suranyi, the chief executive officer for Digicel Play with responsibility for growth in the areas of cable TV and broadband across all of Digicel’s Caribbean markets.

Bolt was shown his work area where he is expected to make things faster for Digicel customers using their various products.

“We love to start working at 7:30 in the morning,” said Butler to Bolt jokingly. “Will that be an issue?” he asked. “Probably,” Bolt replied. “We will work out something.”

“This man has a unique understanding of speed around the world and we are hoping that some of that can rub off on us in terms of our customers, our network, our products, our marketing,” added Butler.

“We are absolutely thrilled and you can see how excited we are today. We are really proud to be associated with you (Bolt) for so long,” he added.

“Brand new job, I am ready, ready,” said Bolt before he was handed his worker’s identity badge.

“It’s all about speed. I am here to make sure everything runs smoothly, but fast,” said Bolt.

He then made his way to the huge customer care department which hosts over 200 agents. He was given a first hand experience of interacting with the agents and of course a customer, who was lucky enough to be given free credit by Bolt for his troubles.

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