Bolt the star attraction at Team Jamaica/Puma press conference 

The world greatest sprinter Usain Bolt says once his coach, Glen Mills is happy, things are looking positive as he hunts the unprecedented achievement of winning three gold medals in three consecutive Olympic Games at the Rio, Olympics in Brazil.

Bolt was the star attraction at the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) Puma press conference held yesterday in Rio, and the triple record holder looked relaxed as he danced, joked around and even took selfies.

Powell... one, two, three for Jamaica in 100m

Powell… one, two, three for Jamaica in 100m

“It hasn’t been the perfect build-up, but I am in much better shape.

I was really unhappy about not competing at my Trials, because I needed those runs,” he explained.

“But I have been training well and executing well in training and my coach is happy, so that the key,” Bolt added.

Bolt, along Asafa Powell, sprint hurdler Deuce Carter, and 400m hurdler Ristananna Tracey, attended the press briefing.

Also in attendance were Mike Fennell, the president of the JOA, and Dr Warren Blake, head of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association.

Ristananna Tracey and Deuce Carter

Ristananna Tracey and Deuce Carter

The man who is considered the saviour of the sport believes that athletics is heading in the right direction, despite the numerous doping scandals, and urged people to have faith.

“I think we’re going in the right direction.

“I think we are weeding out the bad ones. I personally think we are on the right track and I think we should have faith,” said Bolt.

“We have to go through some rough times, to get the good times and I personally feel that we are on the right track and in a few years the sport will be clean,” he added.

He confirmed 2016 will be his final Olympic Games.

“Yes, this is the last Olympics for sure, I have done everything, and have proven myself,” he said.

Bolt says he only feels nerves when competing in the 200-metre.

“The 100 is never stressful,” he said. He added that he would love to lower his world record mark in the 200: “I really, really want it,” he said. “I have always wanted it. It’s going to take sub-19 (seconds).” Bolt currently holds the record at 19.19 seconds.

As for the much-discussed problems in Rio, Bolt has had only one minor difficulty: “The only problem I’ve had so far is I’ve had to buy a TV myself.”

Asafa Powell, the man who has run the most sub 10 seconds, 100 metres, was very relaxed at the press conference while saying that Jamaica will do well in the 100m.

“We are here as a Jamaican team and we can’t see anyone else but Jamaica”, said Powell when asked who is the biggest threat to Bolt and Jamaica. “I see a Jamaica, one, two, three.”

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