Cops rescue man being attacked by prostitutes for underpaying 

A man who ventured to a popular spot in Kingston to do business with a group of prostitutes almost lost his life when what should have been a pleasant experience turned sour after a breakdown in negotiations.

Police report that at about 10:30pm Saturday, the man went to the spot and requested one of the females to engage in what he thought would have been 10 minutes of blissful fun.

After completing his act, the man allegedly handed over only half of the fee that the prostitute had demanded.

Police sources told Loop News that the man allegedly ran from the area but was chased, held and set upon by a group of angry women who saw what was happening to their colleague.

He was rescued by a team of police that was passing the area as the angry women reportedly held the man in a corner and unleashed their anger.

“Is the most blows me ever see one big man get,” a policeman told members of a Loop News team who arrived on the scene as the man was being transported to hospital for treatment.

Some of the prostitutes accused the man of trying to steal from their earnings.

“Because we a prostitute, unnu feel like unnu can come take advantage a we and no waan pay,” shouted one woman, who reportedly used a belt to whip the man.

At the time of publication, the man and the prostitutes were neither arrested nor charged with any offence.

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