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His length and strength… Nutrition, health link

IT’S time for some facts about the penis, health, nutrition, being overweight, and level of activity.

Many men are currently concerned about their comparative penis size and/or functionality. So, let us begin by taking a closer look at the numbers.

Average penis size of a mature male

In a 2013 paper published in the Personality and Individual Differences Journal, researchers reported the following erect average sizes after reviewing 113 countries:

• 4.31 inches (East Asian);

• 5.71 inches (European decent);

• 6.33 inches (African decent).

Other studies reported averages such as:

• 6.22 inches (European decent);

• 6.50 inches (African decent).

Naturally, in every group there are individuals who are significantly above average and individuals who are below average. Generally, the average for penis lengths is about 5.4 inches, give or take about an inch.

There is also a size category known as a micropenis. A micropenis is a penis of an adult male which is 3.33 inches or less. This is not a curable condition, but may be diagnosed in children and treated with hormone therapy.

How does being overweight affect penis length?

You lose one inch of visible penis for every 30 to 50 pounds of excess fat.

Being overweight will not alter the actual length of your penis, however, if you are overweight, pubic fat may hide some of your penis length — developing “buried” penis, which aside from appearance may also present possible self-esteem, function, and health issues.

This effect can be compounded by the natural length of your penis and the “type” of penis you possess. The types in question are commonly called, “a shower” or “a grower”.

The shower, when flaccid (not erect), will have a penis length only slightly less than its erect length. The grower, on the other hand, will have a flaccid length which can double or triple in length when erect.

In either case, significant flaccid and erect penis length can be hidden by pubic fat deposits associated with obesity and being overweight.

As much as half inch of length can be hidden with a 15 to 25 pound increase in body fat.

That is, there will be one inch, or more, of gained visible penis length for every 30-50 pounds of fat lost.

Health and nutrition

Ultimately, health issues related to diet are more important than penis visibility. With self-acceptance and confidence, everything is possible; and with the proper understanding of your partner’s sexuality and anatomy, marvellous things can happen (which I won’t get into here).

However, regardless of how fat or slim you are, your penis functionality is an early warning sign of potentially deadly health issues.

It has been long known that erectile dysfunction, which is experienced by more than one in 10 men under 50 and 50 per cent of men over 50, is often an early warning sign of diabetes and the types of vascular and heart disease which can lead to stroke, heart failure and death.

Because the penis function is largely dependent on “plumbing”, more specifically, the condition of the inner lining of blood vessels and smooth muscles, impaired blood flow to the penis can indicate endothelial (blood vessel) dysfunction and hardening of arteries.

If you have the same sexual interest, but are experiencing a reduction in erection strength and frequency, don’t wait, visit your physician and get checked out.

Erection aiding medications, like Viagra, etc, do not treat the problem, just the symptoms. These drugs often do not work for all, and often stop working and may have unwanted side effects, so they should not always be considered a long-term solution.

Keep yourself and your penis healthy

Wellness is key, you can proactively avoid a plethora of problems and enhance your vitality by maintaining a healthy InteKai-type lifestyle, with non-fad nutrition and activity.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Control the excess calories, regardless of what your “hunger” is telling you. If you are putting on pounds, you are ingesting too many calories.

• Cut out or at least reduce ingesting damaging (yes, damaging) materials such as: Refined sugars and their products; flour and its products; alcohol; tobacco; processed meats; saturated fats.

• Eat plenty healthy, natural food, high in fibre, healthy fats and micronutrients, such as: Dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach and callaloo; oily wild-caught fish; fruits; avocados; foods high in antioxidants, such as berries and tomatoes; spices, chili, turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc; food with carotenoids such as carrots; and natural grains, such as oatmeal.

• Exercise wisely and consistently. Vascular health can be improved with exercise, as well as self-confidence and the ability to handle your body as needed.

• Consciously develop a healthy sleep pattern.

With this lifestyle, you can look better, live longer, and love longer.

Other issues

Generally, eat naturally and wholesomely. Avoid chemicals and excess processed foods.

Other factors that can also have a profound effect:

• Balance your mindset.

Your brain is your largest sexual organ. If you are stressed, depressed, or filled with guilt, your energies will not be available where and when you need it. This can be a self-perpetuating problem.

Seek help; get a hobby and get out into nature, even an occasional walk in the park. These have been found to be helpful.

• Ease up on the pornography.

Other than comparing yourself with the above average-sized male actors, your partner cannot compete with the selectable, fast-paced, fast-forwardable gamut of sexually-stimulating images and scenarios.

Your self-image will likely suffer and your partner will seem irrelevant in comparison, so, ease up, or perhaps go cold turkey to reset your sensitivity levels.

• Kegels are not just for women.

The squeezing exercise long known by women to exercise the muscles in the region of the genitals may also prove useful to men’s genital health. Also, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if the lady in your life was practising them regularly as well.

Most of all, whatever your current state is, be happy with who you are. The odds are that there is someone out there wishing they at least had what you have to work with.

If you are on the overweight side and average-sized, remember that most women have a vaginal depth of 2.73 inches to seven inches. With the vestibule’s design and the wishbone shape of the complete clitoral structure (do the research), you have many angles, styles combined with the intellect, compassion, and ability to communicate with your partner to be confident and functional for both of you.


Fitz-George Rattray is the director of Intekai Academy, which is focused on helping people live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and weight management. If you are interested in losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle, give them a call at 876-863-5923, or visit their website at