Damion Crawford—-

PLANS are underway to extend the hours under the Noise Abatement Act from 2:00 am under special circumstances, according to Damion Crawford, minister of state in the ministry of tourism and entertainment.

According to Crawford, the proposal is with the Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPC) where changes are being drafted.

“We think we have found a solution. We have made a proposal. We have carried it through Cabinet and we are now at the final stages of having the law changed. However, it will not be a permanent time shift,” he said.

The junior minister said promoters will have to contact the parish council and apply for permission to have an extension. Citizens will then be notified of the event via general and social media. Once accepted by the parish council, the party promoter will be made aware of the extension.

“However, if the parish council does not see it reasonable to be extended, it will not be. Also, persons who go overtime without permission will lose their promotion licence, so not even the police will have to run up and down again.”

Crawford said these events are sources of livelihood for many people.

Street dancers
Street dancers
“Entertainment events have become a major source of income for the unemployed and the under-paid. The aim is to create an equilibrium as it relates to the matter. Currently, the act only facilitates those who do not want the event, but not those who are keeping it. We want to facilitate both parties and have a balance,” he said.

“Take, for instance, Rae Town. The entire community supports it, but it still has to close off at 2:00 am. It is instances like these where the change will come in. While the citizens in areas like Mona and other upscale neighborhoods do not depend on entertainment events for a source of income, those in the inner city do,” he continued.


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