MANDEVILLE, Manchester — The Manchester police recently destroyed pirated DVDs and CDs valued at approximately

$12 million.

Top: Inspector Wilbert Mills…Bottom: Pirated DVDs and CDs, valued at approximately $12 million, recently burned in Manchester. (PHOTOS: GREGORY BENNETT)

Special Inspector Wilbert Mills, who heads the Operations Unit of the Island Special Constabulary Force in Area 3, said that the discs were seized between January 1 and August 31 this year. The seizure, he said, has put a “dent” in the activities of the criminal underworld, noting that proceeds from the sale of the pirated discs are often used to purchase weapons.

The burning was done at a marl quarry off the Winston Jones Highway under the supervision of Justices of the Peace Luther Chantiloupe and Phillip Hawthorn.

Inspector Mills said that the motion picture industry is suffering, and warned people involved in the illegal trade to stop.

He said that the people who are making purchase sare also committing an offence and could be enabling criminal activities.

Mills said that the batch of DVDs and CDs that were burnt on Wednesday was the first of at least two batches that will be destroyed this year.