LAST CALL: PM issues strong warning in final hours of gun amnesty 

With less than 24 hours to go before the gun amnesty comes to an end, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness has sent out a strong warning for Jamaicans who are in possession of illegal guns to use the final hours to turn in those weapons.

The amnesty began on Saturday, November 5, and is slated to end at midnight on Saturday, November 19.

The PM warned that at the close of the time, members of the island’s security forces will be intensifying their efforts to rid the streets of illegal guns and go after those persons in possession of these weapons, and with the Firearms Act in place perpetrators stand to spend from 15 years to life behind bars.

Holness warned that there will be no extension.

“I am making a solemn and urgent appeal to our young men, in particular, I am urging you even at this late stage to turn in the guns,” said Holness.

Minister of National Security, Horace Chang reported that more than 20 firearms have been handed over to the authorities under the gun amnesty.

Gun amnesty is the last opportunity for those who hold or are in possession of illegal firearms or ammunition to avoid significant sentences and forms an important milestone in Jamaica’s fight against illegal guns.

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