Little Hero (left) and PZed. – Photo by Carl Gilchrist—-

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

Following the Billboard success of his debut album, Revelation, released in 2009, St Ann-based reggae artist Little Hero, last week launched his second album, titled The Oracle.

The 14-track album features Little Hero and his brother PZed, who shot to fame in 2009 with his pro-ganja songPlant Cassava.

There is also the introduction of a young rapper from Miami, Rabboni, who is featured on a track called Front Line.

This latest effort by Hero is courtesy of Earth Strong Productions, along with the God Alone Crew and Train Lines Productions. While this is Hero’s second album, it is the first for PZed.

The Oracle, it’s like the truth, God manifest himself through man. We bringing the truth and the message to the world from the Most High,” Little Hero said, in explaining the title.

“Me an mi likkle bredda PZed, we’ve been working for a good while now, and the people dem a wait fi hear some combination. Yuh know, wi a bredda fi life an doing the business,” Hero added.


The album features two love songs released as singles, Hold On and Darling.

“The two singles are two love songs, cause yuh know Little Hero nuh sing nuff love songs, so when I make a love song, it put together properly,” said Hero.

In defining the album, Hero said it is more revolutionary and goes deeper in meanings than its predecessor.


“This one is more revolutionary, we have more authentic reggae music, and more positive music with deeper meaning. This is an album that everyone can listen to, from the young to the old, it’s something that everyone can learn from.”

PZed is pleased with his first album, especially with it being in combination with Little Hero.

“It’s my first album, we hope this one will go even further than Billboard charts,” said PZed.

“This album, you hear the name, The Oracle, you know it’s all about righteousness and what I call burning the fire, yuh know. It’s something that we looking forward to see big things from.”

The album is already creating a buzz on the streets and on the air. Several songs are in rotation, with the title track, OracleIMF Wrong,Liberation, and Holy Books being the most popular.

Following the St Ann, Jamaica launch, the crew plans to launch the album in Florida and then New York in February 2014.

“We a do the right thing for the people right now; wi nuh mind if the whole world hear di album. This Oracle album is something for you to listen to,” Hero declared.

In the meantime, plans are afoot for promotional tours across Europe and United States next year.


1. More Love

2. Holy Books

3. Oracle

4. Rise

5. Liberation

6. Glorify

7. Disorder

8. Hold On

9. Jamaica Jamaica

10. IMF Wrong

11. The Truth

12. Front Line feat Rabboni

13. Guns in the Streets, and

14. Darling