Reynolds, runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World pageant in 2008, was initially scheduled to appear in court today.

However, the Central District of California Court, following a request by both parties, ruled that the trial be put off until November 29. The trial is to last three days.

Reynolds is charged with intent to distribute cocaine. If she is convicted of the narcotics trafficking offence, Reynolds would face a statutory maximum penalty of life in federal prison and a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years.

She was arrested after she attempted to smuggle nearly 70 pounds of cocaine – worth an estimated US$3 million (J$367m) – through Los Angeles International Airport on March 18.

The flight attendant, who was flagged for a random security screening, reportedly ditched her high heels and ran barefoot down an upward-moving escalator. The authorities said she ran out of the terminal and crossed the county to New York.

Marsha Reynolds
Marsha Reynolds

Reynolds has been held in custody, without bond, since her arrest.

According to court documents obtained by THE STAR, “The government has produced discovery to the defense, including video surveillance pertinent to the charge.”

The documents said that in light of the video and other material produced by the government to be used against Reynolds, her lawyers said that additional time is needed to “confer with the defendant, conduct and complete an independent investigation of the case” and conduct additional research before going to trial.