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Praise for emergency response in Mandeville fire

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Emergency services in this south-central town are getting high praises for their response to a fire at the Heaven’s Fesco service station on Friday evening which left five people injured and damaged cars, as well as the front section of the facility.

Claudine Heaven of the family owned service station described firefighters, police, and staff at Mandeville Regional Hospital as “top notch” and “excellent” in terms of their response to the disaster.

“I have to say that the response of the fire department was absolutely top-notch, and the police were excellent. If it wasn’t for the police we could easily have had more injuries. The police came and they were able to clear the area immediately.

“I also want to congratulate the hospital staff…In addition to the Friday evening crowd, they had to deal with this disaster with people coming in [with burn injuries] and they were very professional and caring. It was a top notch demonstration from our emergency services and they should be recognised,” she said.

Heaven was unable to speak to the extent of the damage to the service station, pointing out that assessors “have to be allowed to do their work”.

She noted, however, that it would appear that physical damage was confined to the gas pumps and canopy.

“The building itself was not damaged — glass was not broken, there was no fire damage, no smoke damage, no water damage…,” she said.

In response to a direct question, Heaven said underground tanks remained “properly safe” and untouched. “If those tanks were touched there would be no Mandeville left,” was her sharp response.

Those injured includ a staff member who suffered burns on her ankle. The others were all customers who were on the gas pump or in close proximity, she said.

The police and firefighters say 12 cars were damaged.