Queen Ifrica stands by ‘Daddy’ ban claim, points finger Uptown 

Reggae singer Queen Ifrica is insisting that radio stations have been ordered not to play her child sex abuse song, ‘Daddy’, despite the Broadcasting Commission rubbishing the claim.

Queen Ifrica first made the allegation during her performance at Rebel Salute on Sunday morning, immediately after which Cordel Green, the Executive Director of the Broadcasting Commission, who was also an emcee at the show, denied that the song – which was released nearly 10 years ago – had been banned.

Also, at least one journalist, in response to a Loop News article on the development, reported hearing the song “on the radio up to a week ago”.

Still, speaking with Loop Jamaica reporter Job Nelson after the show, Queen Ifrica stood by her claim.

“From the song came out it ban… I heard the Broadcasting Commission say they beg to differ on it, but until someone can prove otherwise…,” she said, arguing that incest was an issue “uptown” as the reason why it was allegedly banned.

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