(From left) Billy Wilmot, lead singer/guitarist of Mystic Revealers; Julius Chin-Yee, manager of Mystic Revealers; and reggae singer Chronixx—

ROOTS-REGGAE acts Mystic Revealers and Chronixx have teamed up on the new single, Herb Must Legalize, the latest statement on the push for legal ganja use in Jamaica.

The song is co-produced by Mystic Revealers and Mikey Bennett. It was co-written by the latter and Mystic Revealers lead singer/guitarist Billy Wilmot.

“Dis is something wi calling for a long time. So, dis song is jus’ helping to build a rallying cry,” Wilmot told the Jamaica Observer.

In October, Jamaica’s justice minister Senator Mark Golding announced that steps will be taken to decriminalise certain aspects of ganja use in the country. This includes ending arrests for persons found with small amounts of the weed.

Mikey Bennett

Mikey Bennett

Golding’s statement has been widely accepted by political and private sector leaders. Wilmot points out that the Rastafarian community, of which he is a member, have been longtime advocates for making ganja use legal.

“We as musicians an’ Rasta are the voice of the people as far as this is concerned,” he said. “Ninety per cent of the music dat come out of Jamaica is social commentary an’ dis is no different.”

This is Chronixx’ second duet with a veteran roots band. Last year, he recorded a cover of Jacob Miller’s Tenement Yard with Inner Circle.

– By Howard Campbell


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