Solaine ‘fined $120k for illegal party’; help sought for payment

Popular social media personality Solaine Anderson was on Thursday reportedly slapped with a fine of $120,000 or nine months imprisonment for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

The fine was imposed after Anderson pleaded guilty to the breaches under the DRMA when she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

The charges laid against the social media figure stemmed from an illegal party, dubbed a Birthday Party and Nine Night for Anderson, which was held on March 4.

Videos of the event being in blatant disregard for the island’s COVID-19 measures emerged on social media the following day.

The news of fine was disclosed by entrepreneur and social media personality Donna Gowie, popularly known as ‘Aunty Donna’, on her Instagram live video.

Gowie said she would not be bailing Anderson, who she said failed to adhere to her instructions to refrain from staging the party due to the 8pm curfew order and other measures imposed by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to curtail the spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Mi talk to Solaine… Unuh hype her up… a unuh hype her up mek she feel like she above law,” Gowie said, lashing out at some persons commenting on her live video.

Despite her stance, Gowie appealed to her followers and fans of Anderson to assist in helping to pay the fine.

If the fine is not paid by the end of Thursday, Anderson will spend time in jail, the businesswoman claimed.

“Unuh help her. Mi nah tell nuh lie, Plankas weh stand up fi her, help her,” Gowie pleaded.

Anderson came to prominence after being featured on Gowie’s charity programme. The two have been friends since that time.

Meanwhile, several persons have been calling Gowie with sums of money to assist with the payment of Anderson’s fine.

Later on the live, an officer contacted Gowie and informed her that they will be releasing Anderson on bail. Further, she will be given additional time to pay the fine.

Days leading up to the party, Anderson, in a social media video, declared that she wanted to see what her nine night would be like before she died.

“The fifth (of March) is mi birthday, but mi a keep my birthday and nine night di fourth (of March)… because mi want see how mi nine night would a look,” Anderson stated.

“Everybody keep dem nine night when dem dead. Mi a keep my own when mi alive dats when mi dead unuh nuh keep no more. Just keep set up and bury me… To miss is to dis right a World Boss a 100 Lane top,” she added.

Anderson had gained a huge following with her colourful hairstyles, loud fashion, frank persona and humorous personality.

Videos of Anderson’s party in the Corporate Area surfaced, showing large crowds singing and dancing to what should be ‘nine night’ music in honor of a deceased loved one.

Ironically, Anderson was alive taking photographs with her fans as music blared through the night well after Jamaica’s 8pm curfew. She shared some of the photos to social media.

In one of the videos, hundreds of tightly packed persons can be seen at the venue in a celebratory manner.

At the time, several persons condemned the party being held amid the surge in COVID-19 cases.

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