Sounds of Bishop Escobar 

The name Bishop Escobar has popped up a lot in dancehall circles recently. The 33-year-old Nannyville resident hosts the weekly Guinness Sounds of Greatness.

He rates the high-profile gig as his career highlight.

“Doing this gig for Guinness has been a great experience for me, so far. It has opened up many opportunities for me including corporate gigs,” Escobar told

earlier this week.

Initially he planned to compete in Guinness Sounds of Greatness as a sound system selector. However, those plans were put aside.

“My manager Romeich Major had recommended me to the promoters to host. We realised it was easier for me to host than to participate due to the hectic schedule I had,” Escobar recalled.

He had no experience as a host but was selected to present the event’s seventh season. Guinness Sounds of Greatness exposes sound systems from across Jamaica and offers cash prizes of over $1.5 million.

Nathan Nelms, assistant brand manager at Guinness, is pleased with Escobar’s performance to date.

“We decided to form a partnership with him because he’s hot in the streets and he’s making moves. We wanted to bring that to Guinness,” he said.

An independent selector/disc jockey, Escobar has done the sound system rounds for over 10 years. Previously, he spent 18 months with Hot It Up Movements, a East Kingston outfit.

Born Carlos Henry, he is from the Dunkirk area in that region and attended Clan Carthy High School.

Bishop Escobar has toured with Beenie Man and played the Major Lazer and Friends concert in Kingston, as well as Reggae Sumfest’s Beach Party.

Musically, he has recorded the song Dancehall

Madness with Ding Dong and Bravo, produced by DJ Frass. He is featured on Chi Ching Ching’s recent hit song Roast Or Fry (Breadfruit).

The ‘Guinness’ gig is his biggest break and he hopes to make the most of it.

“Guinness has a lot of respect in the streets. It is a bold drink that also connects with different groups. That is what I do, entertain people of all ages,” he said.

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