The Lady Saw And Macka Diamond Clash Sting 2013

One of the most hyped clash at Sting 2013 is Lady Saw vs Macka Diamond.

These two female dancehall veterans have been at each other’s throat for quite some time now. But now they will finally get a chance to settle the score on the biggest one night reggae show on earth.
Reps for Sting confirmed with Urban Islandz today that Macka Diamond and Lady Saw have been signed on for the epic showdown and they both have been paid in full.

“The Saw and Macka clash is certain, they both got paid in full and both their management assured us that they will be there,” the rep said.

Lady Saw has been taking shots at Macka Diamond on Twitter over the last couple of weeks saying she want a clash. But the big question is, will Macka Diamond show up for the showdown?

Given her track record, some fans are still doubtful that she will take the stage to battle Lady Saw.

Who can forget last year when Macka Diamond failed to show up to clash Spice.

Do you want to see a Lady Saw and Macka Diamond clash ar Sting?

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