Flippa Mafia—
ALTHOUGH unsuccessful in getting wiretap evidence dismissed at a pre-trial hearing at Camden County Superior County in New Jersey on November 17, American defence attorney-at-law J Michael Farrell remains determined to get justice for flamboyant Jamaican dancehall deejay Flippa Mafia (Flippa Mogella).

Flippa Mafia, given name Andrew Davis, is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, leading a narcotics organisation, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and money laundering. If convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

“The court ruled against us. That was a hearing on the motions to suppress the electronic evidence,” Farrell told the Jamaica Observer.

He said another pre-trial hearing is set for December 8. “Additional motions will be ligitated. There is an issue of consent of the confidential informant. We believe that the Government’s confidential informant will support my client’s innocence and that alleged consent was not voluntary, but coerced,” he said.

Trial is scheduled for January 8.

Flippa Mafia

Flippa Mafia

Farrell, who has 34 years of exprience in his field, said the artist is unable to take up his bail due to an immigration detainer. He is, however, hopeful as an immigration reform amesty will kick in next year.

“He is also the father of two US citizens,” he explained.

The defence attorney says his client remains “hopeful” since being arrested on September 16, 2013 in a dragnet dubbed Operation Next Day Air.

James McBride, who was also held in the sting, recently received 16 years.

Farrell feels that the artist’s fame was the reason he was targeted.

“It is because of his fame; we believe he was unjustly targeted. It’s a case where individuals — caught red-handed — have entered into agreement with the Government to save themselves from jail,” he said.

Flippa Mafia, also called the Flossing King, is known to dancehall fans for hurling hundreds of dollar notes into the crowd during his performances.

His better-known songs are Unfinished House, Star ah Star and Hear mi Hear.


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