Dennis Brown Jr releases debut single

“Here I Come, with love and not hatred”, is an immortal line from Here I Come, one of Dennis Brown’s biggest hits.

Nearly four decades after that song’s release, Brown’s son — Dennis Emmanuel Brown Jr — is living by those words as he embarks on his own musical journey.

Brown Jr just dropped the single Dreaming and is preparing to release his debut EP in another few weeks.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer from his home in London, he said the decision to get into music is to provide a message of motivation.

“I have always wanted to showcase my personal talent, and with my music, I want to let people know that they should not give up… just hold on for a brighter tomorrow,” he said.

The EP contains five songs and was put together in the past year.

“It’s reggae with R&B. It definitely has that English sound and flavour which is what I have grown up with and a little dancehall thrown in. The songs reflect my growth. As I have become older and more responsible, I see it as my duty to impart a message to the younger generation. My music gives that positive message of love and unity,” the 30-year-old continued.

He names his famous father as an undeniable influence. Due to Brown senior’s touring, he was away from home regularly and music became a way of communicating.

Dennis Brown died in 1999 at age 42.

Brown Jr does not want to be compared to his father .

“I will never be able to fill my father’s shoes. He was a very special man and holds a place in the hearts of fans worldwide. However, I hope my music will make an impact,” he said. “There are those who are concerned about me starting a musical career at this age. I am not concerned. In my early years I wanted to be a professional footballer, but my biggest passion has always been music. Quite frankly, with talent, age is not a factor.”

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