Gang violence claimed another in downtown Kingston 

The gang violence that shuttered a section of downtown Kingston and claimed the life of a man Saturday, left another battling for life after spilling over into Monday.

The latest victim is said to be in serious condition at the hospital after being shot at the intersection of North Street and Luke Lane after midday.

He was reportedly standing in the vicinity when he was pound upon — about 1:00 pm — by men travelling in a motorcar. The men then sped from the scene.

The man was later found suffering from gunshot wounds and rushed to hospital.

Police believe the attack is the latest in an ongoing gang feud taking place between men from communities located in the Kingston Western and Central Police Division.

On Saturday a man was killed by gunmen in front the Coronation Market on Darling Street.

The attack triggered a reprisal and people were sent scampering as gunmen traded bullets for an extended period.

Police had to flood the area to restore some semblance of calm, and issued an advisory asking members of the public to avoid the vicinity.