Six cars damaged in Beechwood Avenue mishap, driver says it was a hit-and-run

An elderly motorist escaped serious injury after his vehicle crashed along Beechwood Avenue in St Andrew yesterday in what he said was a hit-and-run incident.

Five other vehicles that were parked in the vicinity of the Freemason building were damaged in the incident.

Dennis Hibbert, 67, told the Observer that he was heading to Half-Way-Tree Road when his vehicle was hit by another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

“I was going up to John garage and a van coming up just hit inna the car and push mi straight across the road and the person gone same way,” Hibbert said.

“A nuh my vehicle alone hit them because me wouldn’t hit that and this and that dung deh suh,” he said, pointing to the other damaged cars. “The other vehicle lick and gone.”

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